NEW FROM ZEISS! i.SCRIPTION TECHNOLOGY i.Scription by Zeiss is a technology that analyzes the individual profile of each eye and uses this information in the computation and production of the eyeglass lenses. For the wearer, this can mean an entirely new quality of vision, especially at night. People who wear these lenses experience much clearer and sharper vision at night. They also perceive contrasts and colors more intensely.

Choosing lenses depends on one’s lifestyle needs. The following are some options.

Cr-39 (Plastic) – Most common lens option, recommended for low-mid prescriptions. Our Cr-39 comes with scratch coating that is warranted for a year against normal wear and tear.

Polycarbonate – Safest and an incredibly high impact resistant lenses. This lens is deal for everyday, sport or sunglasses.

Mid- Index (1.56 Index of Refraction) -A thin alternative to Cr-39, great for a higher prescription.

High Index (1.60 Index of Refraction) – A thinner alternative to mid-index lenses.

Hyper Index (1.71 Index of Refraction): The thinnest alternative to Cr-39. Our office specializes in the thinnest lens available like Optima HyperIndex

Progressive versus Bifocal Lenses?
Progressives, incorrectly called no-line or invisible bifocals, offer multi-distance viewing (near, intermediate, and far) versus the traditional bifocal’s two distance viewing (near and far).

Computer Vision Lenses: 
Computer Vision Lenses are specialized vocational lenses that allow one to see both computer screen and reading area. Information on YOUR working and reading distance is very important in prescribing these lenses.

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